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Letters To & From the Troops!

We receive many thank you letters from the troops and have posted a few "featured letters". If you or your group would like to help by writing letters to the troops please contact us & we will ensure that your letters get delivered!

Hello from Afghanistan! My name is Sgt. Sarah E. Sahutske and my unit VMU-1 recieved several packages from you. My unit VMU-1 has been here at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan for about a month now. We are originally from 29 Palms, CA are are used to the scorching hot desert temperatures. Here is our command website of you would like to see a little bit of what we do, www.3maw.usmc.mil/macq38/vmu1/history.asp . I have been in the Marine Corps for 6 1/2 years and love it. This is my second deployment and can tell you that receiving care packages is wonderful! We really appreciate it! I personally opened all of the packages to put them in a central area where we could all enjoy them. I was able to read all of the cards that were in the packages and share them with my friends. We loved it! Hope to hear fron you soon if you are able write back to Sgt. Sahutske, Sarah E.

VMU-1 Air Maint.


​Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan

Sara Sahutske, Sargent US Marines


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My name is Loyd Carter, Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. A few days ago we got a box that contained items such as magazines, raisins, candy and a few other things. I saw a slip of paper inside and it had a message and a few names. I figured I should keep the slip of paper with me until I am able to get online so I can thank the kind people over there that still care about us. Truth be told sometimes it is hard to remember this. But packages like these, from complete strangers, remind us about why we do what we do and raise our spirits. So I would like to personally thank you for having us in your hearts and taking the time to do this for us. It means a lot to my men and me especially. Ann, Dixie, Donette & Elizabeth, and the Grandma's. Thank you all. 

Loyd Carter, Corporal US Marines