Non-Profit for military personnel, veterans and their families

Annual Options:

  • Individual                                                      $25
  • Family                                                            $35
  • Business                                                        $250
  • Corporal                                                         $500
  • Lieutenant                                                    $750
  • Colonel                                                           $1000
  • Brigadier                                                        $1250
  • Presidential Level                                        $2500​

All membership levels include the PTY Newsletter and invitations to all public events. Corporal level & up will receive appreciation listing per level and a link to their website. Colonel Level & Up will also receive two complementary tickets or entrance to all public events as well as a 2"by 2" ad on the Project Thank You Website. Presidential Level commitment receives a 4" by 5" ad on the Project Thank You website & will be listed in all Public Press Releases as well as announcements or interviews on TV and Radio.



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Membership Privileges

Being a member of Project Thank you is a rewarding way to give back to the men and women that risk their lives everyday to protect our freedom. We take great pride in knowing that we make the lives of our troops better by supporting and letting them know how much we appreciate the sacrifices that they make everyday. Membership is also a great way to meet like minded individuals at our events and local fund raisers. We'll see you there!

Membership Pledge

"I pledge my allegiance to our soldiers in combat serving overseas through the letter-to-a-soldier campaign. I Further agree to recruit others to do the same and to volunteer my time on behalf of our Mission. I also agree to show my patriotism by displaying our nation's colors on all official holidays."