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Want to get Closer?

It is illegal to climb redwood trees but luckily you can strap on your harness & ascend up into a Douglas Fir named "Sophia" with the Pacific Tree Climbing Institute just outside of Springfield Oregon. When you reach the canopy at over 200 feet and relax while you enjoy the views and sounds from your peaceful perch.  The video is from a tree boat suspended in the tree.

Come & Explore a Redwood Forest

‚ÄčFind Sanctuary as you lie back and admire the vaulted ceiling canopy of the Redwoods. Meander down a path and spot creatures scurrying under the ferns or along the ridge of a downed tree. Enter into a secret place of mystery as you venture into a burned out trunk of a tree that is still alive.  Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Big Basin Redwoods State Park or Calaveras Big Trees, are just a few of our favorites in California.